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Are potential customers tuning you out?


Website Underperforming

Most companies invest thousands in beautiful website design but get frustrated when they see little return in sales and engagement.

Emails Unread or Deleted

Many owners spend hours of their week crafting email campaigns but are disappointed when readers don't respond like they hoped.


Elevator Pitch Is Confusing

When asked about their business, far too many leaders stumble over their words trying to explain what they do. 

Your brand deserves to be heard.
VoiceCraft will help you...

Increase Sales & Engagement

Clarify your message with a compelling story and watch your business grow. In a short time, your customers will engage like never before.

Reclaim Your
Time & Energy

Imagine getting back hours of your week. We'll help you effectively connect with your customers so you can focus on what matters most.

Speak with Confidence

Step into your next keynote or sales presentation with certainty. We'll show you how to speak in a way that captures attention and gets results.

Unify Your
Whole Team

Energize your staff and co-workers by working from the same playbook. Getting your message clear will strengthen your brand and improve morale.

  • IJM was in the middle of a massive website rebrand and we were overwhelmed.  We needed to re-craft our messaging on every page to connect different audiences with the realities of modern slavery. Luke stepped in to help, and from the first round of drafts I knew he was the man for the job. His messaging was clear, compelling and to the point. I loved that I didn’t have to micromanage Luke. With every new assignment, I knew it was going to come back better than I had hoped for. With the help of VoiceCraft, IJM is now ready to re-launch a website that will engage readers and help end slavery.
    International Justice Mission
    Ed Downing | Global Director, Brand + Storytelling
  • My team and I host an annual conference for creatives and artists. Most of our time is spent planning and curating the event, so our marketing often gets neglected. I knew we were missing opportunities to boost registrations, but I was overwhelmed and didn't know where to start. VoiceCraft helped us design and launch an email campaign that engaged our audience like never before. This one campaign boosted ticket sales, increased community interaction, and helped my team stay on track to create a great conference.
    The Breath & the Clay
    Stephen Roach | Founder & Director
  • “When I came to VoiceCraft, my book sales had all but completely stalled. I was frustrated and felt like I was going to fail all of my sales and speaking goals. Luke worked with me to truly understand my story. Now I am able to speak clearly about what my book is about in a way that grabs people's attention, identifies a core problem everyone shares, and envisions my book as a solution provider.”
    Anthony Jarrell
    Author & Speaker
  • When I came to Luke for coaching, I was preparing for a public speaking engagement on behalf of a non-profit. I was nervous because I'd been asked to go on the same stage as pro comedians and tell a personal story to a large audience without notes. I also had doubts about how it be received and what details to include. Luke was quick and skillful in helping me find clarity in the story and guiding me towards an authentic voice that anyone could connect with. Not only did people enjoy my story, but the process taught me things about myself and my passion for the non-profit cause.”
    Steve Pepple
    Designer & Advocate
  • “When I first spoke to Luke, I was overwhelmed trying to figure out how to get a website up and capture new customers. Luke stepped in and created a plan that helped the right customers find me and allowed me to return to the contracting work I get paid for. I highly recommend VoiceCraft!
    Oak Valley Construction
    Ray Worley | General Contractor

Ready to get started? Here's the plan:

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  2. Clarify

    We'll set up a thorough review of your brand's story and marketing approach. Then we'll clarify your message and find the best way to reach your customers.

  3. Craft

    Together, we'll craft an executable marketing plan that breaks through the noise and launches your brand into new growth.

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Marketing Services

  • Clarify Your Brand’s Message
  • Copywriting for Website or Emails
  • Redesign & Launch Your Website
  • Create a Lead-Generating PDF
  • Automated Email Campaigns
  • Craft a Revenue Making Sales Funnel
  • Social Media Content Plan
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Quick Start

  • 20 Minute Marketing Consultation
  • Website Home Page Review
  • Review Other Marketing Materials
  • Intro to StoryBrand 7-Part Framework
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Monthly Coaching

  • Long-term Marketing Strategy
  • Review Your Writing & Content
  • Public Speaking & Keynotes
  • Brand Direction and Refinement
  • Offer Tools & Best Practices
  • Encouragement & Support
  • Expert Advice and Insights
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Let me guide you through this...

  • I've been crafting compelling messages for over 10 years, and I'm here to help.

    Many brands have great products and causes, but their voice is drowned out in a noisy world. I help them craft a message that people will pay attention to.
    I know how hard it is to pour your blood, sweat, and tears into your business but then feel stuck when it comes to communicating its value. What you're doing is making the world a better place. Shouldn't people just get it?
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    Most often, companies try to overcome this hurdle by spending their marketing dollars on beautiful design and advertising. But if your message is confusing, not even the best designers can get people to engage.
    The reality is, your customers might be tuning you out. But it’s not your fault.
    We live in a day of unprecedented noise. Studies show the average person is bombarded by over 3,000 marketing message every day. Most have learned to filter out clutter and hit “delete” if what they hear is not immediately clear and valuable.
    As a church pastor and public communicator, I’ve invested thousands of hours in the last decade communicating to audiences of all types. I’ve learned that the best way to break through the noise is by inviting people into a compelling story.
    It's time for marketplace leaders like you to create and deliver a clear message that your customers can hear. As a StoryBrand Certified Guide, I can walk you through a proven story-based process that has helped business like yours double and triple in revenue.
    You’ve worked hard to grow a great business and you deserve to be heard. Let’s partner together to see customers engage, revenue grow, and your message break through the noise!
Luke Humbrecht


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